Tri-Suite14 Family NEW

Cognitech庐 Video Investigator庐:

Part of the Tri-Suite14 software package, Video Investigator庐 is聽 the first and world’s most comprehensive Forensic Video/Image Processing software environment with over one hundred proprietary designed, user-friendly plug-ins and facilities to enhance, denoise, deblur and offer a super-resolve zoom of forensic video evidence (e.g. faces, license plates).

Cognitech庐 VideoActive庐:

Part of the Tri-Suite14 software package, VideoActive庐 is the first Real-Time forensic video processing software. The Cognitech庐 U.S. Patented software is the聽world’s only software聽that has聽a聽fully automatic Real-Time Universal De-Multiplexing ability, in addition to Real-Time Track & Cover, Real-Time Universal DVR Capture, Patented Lossless Video Capture with encoding that doubles video storage and a聽Video Search (e.g. cars and people).

Cognitech庐 AutoMeasure庐:

Part of the Tri-Suite14 software package, AutoMeasure庐 is the world’s聽first and only Automatic Forensic Photogrammetry Software with the ability to produce an accurate bio-metric measurement of a suspect鈥檚 dimensions (e.g. height), crime scene measurements from surveillance video and photographs.

PixL2GPS庐 software:

A unique capability for Geo-Spatial processing of the airborne (e.g. UAV) video sensors to produce fully GPS-referenced: Each-Pixel-GPS video, GeoTiff mosaic from video, 3-D Digital Elevation Maps from video, GPS analysis of video content, e.g. GPS tracking from video.


*Only available to customers in the US for local use*

The California Court of Appeals has accepted Cognitech’s novel forensic video enhancement techniques into U.S. Courts in the first U.S. Courts decision on forensic video, 1992-1996 (Criminal Law and Procedure Citation, 96 Daily Journal DAR. 8023).

Cognitech’s 21st century, state-of-the-art聽 forensic video processing software tools are custom designed.聽 The U.S. Patented forensic video processing software tools are based on more than two hundred scientific, peer-reviewed publications of the world class Cognitech PhD scientists team.

Cognitech’s forensic software and integrated systems are used world-wide by Law Enforcement and CCTV Security professionals in thousands of video investigations annually.

Successfully used by law enforcement in high profile cases since 1991: the Los Angeles Riots cases, America鈥檚 Most Wanted cases and a Discovery Channel special on the forensic image analysis of the J.F.K. assassination.聽 Appeared in: The Wall Street Journal (Technology Section), LA Times, Learning Channel, FOX News and聽CNN.

Training and User Certification: Instructors are members of the聽international law enforcement community and part of organizations such as the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS).

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