Cognitech, Inc. Invited to Teach a 3D VideoGrammetry CSI Workshop at the DSI Digital Summit International Conference

Cognitech, Inc. Invited to Teach a 3D VideoGrammetry CSI Workshop at the
DSI Digital Summit International Conference


Pasadena, CA — April 30, 2012—Cognitech, Inc. has been invited to the prestigious DSI Digital Summit International Conference in Las Vegas, NV, to be held on August 13-16, 2012, in order to teach a workshop entitled “Forensic 3D VideoGrammetry Workshop.” The Digital Summit International (DSI) is the premier educational event for investigators with digital multimedia evidence.


The “Forensic 3D VideoGrammetry Workshop” is directed towards investigators that need to perform the biometric measurements from evidence images and video, as well as measurements of crime and accident scenes. The ability to accurately and efficiently derive biometric measurements of people captured by CCTV cameras, accurately measure crime scenes and reconstruct accident scenes can profoundly benefit both law enforcement and private sector investigators. Stereo photogrammetry is a classical measurement technique accomplished with multiple photographs of the measured scene. The typical CCTV system will only capture video with one camera/per location. In mid 1990’s, Cognitech’s scientists have developed the VideoGrammetry technology which extends the classical stereo-photogrammetry to biometric and 3D measurements made from video recordings by surveillance cameras. Based on these scientific discoveries in image metrology, Cognitech’s AutoMeasure software was created to be used by forensic investigators. In this workshop, the investigators will experience hands-on utilization of the latest version of this Cognitech software, coupled with lectures on the foundations and the latest developments of this scientific method.


With the proliferation of the CCTV technology, criminal suspects are routinely captured by cameras, often as the crime is unfolding. The goals of the investigator here could include body measurements of the people in the crime scene, or measurements of involved vehicles for the purpose of identification, measurement of movements in the scene (e.g., true physical velocity and acceleration of objects), or accurate Geo-spatial/GPS positioning of the objects in the scene. Cognitech’s AutoMeasure software coupled with the recently released Cognitech PixL3GPS accomplish the above tasks accurately and with ease of use.


Cognitech, Inc. CEO Dr. Lenny Rudin said, in regards to the invitation, “We are delighted to receive this unique invitation to teach a class on forensic VideoGrammetry techniques developed by our scientific team at such a prestigious forensic forum.”


About Cognitech, Inc.:


In 1988, Cognitech, Inc. was the first company that designed and developed the unique Video Investigator® hardware and software products for professional forensic CCTV video applications. The recent scientific breakthroughs of Cognitech’s research team, and multiple USPTO Awards, proves that twenty four years later, Cognitech is still the true leader in the forensic image/video processing field. The unique comprehensive design of Cognitech’s forensic software combines the state of the art image/video processing with the proprietary Forensic 3D VideoGrammetry capability, thus making this software a tool of choice for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies who need to enhance and biometrically 3D analyze the video evidence.