Cognitech Announces Educational Donation of 25 Forensic Video Tri-Suite software Research Licenses to the University of Colorado, National Center for Media Forensics

Cognitech Announces Educational Donation of 25 Forensic Video Tri-Suite software Research Licenses to the University of Colorado, National Center for Media Forensics

Pasadena, CA — July 31, 2012—Cognitech, Inc. has announced the donation of their forensic video Tri-Suite Network software for 25 student/researcher users to the University of Colorado at Denver, National Center for Media Forensics–Forensic Multimedia Lab. The multi-user Network Release of Cognitech’s forensic investigation software will be used for research and as an educational classroom tool in the Master of Science Program, with an emphasis in Media Forensics, at the National Center for Media Forensics, College of Arts & Media, at the University of Colorado, Denver.


Cognitech’s Forensic Video Tri-Suite software system is comprised of three interoperable, US patented forensic video software tool sets: the Video Investigator® software, the VideoActive® software and the AutoMeasure™ software. Cognitech’s Video Investigator tool-set is the most algorithmically advanced forensic video/image processing software environment in forensic practice, with patented techniques such as 3D FrameFusion® SuperResolution, Compression Deblocking and Artifacts Removal etc. Cognitech’s VideoActive tool-set is the first real-time forensic video processing software with a patented Video Zipper lossless video capture and encoding that more than doubles video storage. VideoActive also has the patented Automatic Demultiplexing algorithm– the most versatile video sorting demultiplexing algorithm in the world. Lastly, VideoActive has the added ability to perform a video search and GPS localization of people and vehicles in the video. Cognitech’s AutoMeasure tool-set is the world’s only automatic forensic photogrammetry software that allows the user to perform accurate bio-metric measurements of people and vehicles in the video for the purpose of identification. AutoMeasure can accurately calculate 3D scene measurements from video surveillance and photos of any crime scene, measurements of inaccessible remote sites, and it can also create a full 3D measurable, 360 degree panorama of crime scenes, an upcoming capability.


The Cognitech Forensic Video Tri-Suite software is uniquely suited for dual use, both by the practicing forensic video investigators as well as by researchers and students specializing in the image /video processing and analysis field. While the first group is primarily utilizing Cognitech’s Agile interactive user interface to produce the best possible computational results, the second group can employ the versatile software development kits (SDK), which allow for the expression and execution of their research algorithms within the fully featured computational video environment. In comparison, neither Matlab nor Photoshop present video researchers with advanced video data structures and interfaces such as Velocity Maps and Features Layers, which simplify the implementation of the most advanced forensic image/video processing and analysis algorithms.


The National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) is a world-class research center, part of the University of Colorado, Denver. NCMF is dedicated to fostering a cutting edge innovation in media forensics with the development of new knowledge, applications, methodologies, and services through research and education. The Center is sponsored and supported by the University of Colorado, Denver, CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media, CU Denver’s Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department as well as federal and private assistance.


Cognitech’s CEO, Dr. Lenny Rudin said, in regards to the donation, “The forensic field is primarily about solving various scientifically tractable problems that arise from the collected forensic evidence data. In order to reliably find solutions for these problems, a great deal of technical and scientific innovations is required. The collaboration between university research and industrial R&D is a successful formula for such complex problems that any crime scene manifests. Cognitech’s scientific team is very excited about establishing a synergetic technological relationship with the academic world leader in forensic multimedia science: The National Center for Media Forensics, Univ. Denver.”


About Cognitech, Inc.:


In 1988, Cognitech, Inc. was the first company that designed and developed the unique Video Investigator® hardware and software products for professional forensic CCTV video applications. The recent scientific breakthroughs of Cognitech’s research team, and multiple USPTO Awards, proves that twenty four years later, Cognitech is still the true leader in the forensic image/video processing field.