Cognitech Announces latest technology for Accident Reconstruction at CA²RS Conference

Cognitech Announces the latest 3D VMap-Fusion™ and 3DRAMA® technology for Accident Reconstruction at the Fall CA²RS 2012 Conference and Exhibit


Pasadena, CA — October 31, 2012 — Cognitech, Inc. has announced their participation at the CA²RS 2012 Fall Conference and Exhibit in order to present their latest forensic 3-D VMap-Fusion and 3DRAMA software products, latest novel additions to the forensic video industry leader Cognitech Forensic Video Tri-Suite, which is designed to be used by Accident Reconstruction professionals. The Fall 2012 CA²RS Conference will be held in Lake Tahoe, CA from November 1-3, 2012.


CA²RS (or CAARS), the California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists, is a professional non-profit organization created to provide accident reconstruction training and resources to its members. The CA²RS 2012 Fall Conference will focus on a variety of topics related to motorcycle collision reconstruction and investigation, motorcycle crash tests, motorcycle glance patterns, motorcycle rider braking behavior, motorcycle slide data and motorcycle inspections.


Cognitech’s newest 3D video-videogrammetry software capability, called VMap-Fusion, enables the precise geographical positioning and kinematic tracking of accident data through 3D accurate fusion and reconstruction of videos from surveillance cameras and photo-maps such as Google Earth and MapQuest. Since 1994, Cognitech has pioneered the use of video- photogrammetry technology in large scale accident investigations such as the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress fatal crash at the Fairchild Air Force Base, which occurred on June 24, 1994. The then novel computational investigation results were published in the 1995 SPIE Vol. 2567 Proceedings of Investigative Image Processing. The novelty of the video-photogrammetry technology was to extend the prior known techniques developed in order to measure objects in photographs to an accurate kinematic and dynamic measurements derived from evidentiary video data. Cognitech’s forensic video photogrammetry AutoMeasure™ software is the latest generation of the software tools that were first developed by Cognitech’s scientists in order to analyze the famous B-52 mishap. Since that time, the entire industrial field of accident investigations has developed with tens of thousands of such investigations conducted each year, typically using photographic evidence. However, up until now, the investigators were lacking software tools that would provide the capability of extracting static and dynamic 3D evidence from accident sites that happen to have surveillance video cameras on the scene, which is a common case today. Cognitech’s newest video-photogrammetry software capability enables a precise geographical positioning with dynamic tracking analysis of accident data through Cognitech’s VMap-Fusion of the videos from surveillance cameras and photo-maps, such as Google Earth and others.


Also unveiled by Cognitech is the latest 3DRAMA®, the 360 degree panoramic stereo-photogrammetry software, used for accurate measurements and 3D reconstruction of the entire scene, 3D 360 degree volume. This is the first 360 degree panoramic stitching software on the world market which is photogrammetrically capable and will work with any acceptable resolution digital camera. The novel 3DRAMA photo-measuration technology will compete with orders of magnitude, with more expensive 3D laser scanning solutions and specialized 3D camera systems used by Accident Reconstruction and Crime Scene investigators, while preserving the speed and accuracy.


Cognitech, Inc. CEO Dr. Lenny Rudin said, in regards to Cognitech’s participation in the Fall 2012 CA²RS Conference, “The field of accident reconstruction is of a great value to the public. By scientifically analyzing the scene of the accident and combining all available evidentiary data, the true causes of the accident can be derived and documented. Moreover, future accidents and mishaps may be avoided or their harmful effects on people may be minimized, as a result. Cognitech’s newest 3D VMap-Fusion technology allows investigators to integrate the new piece of nowadays often available evidence, namely the surveillance video, hence making accident analysis more complete and effective. The Cognitech 3DRAMA technology makes the entire 360 degree volume of the accident scene measurable with an accurate, fast and highly affordable software solution, addressed before only by super expensive specialized hardware systems. The forensic video field companies understand the video enhancement applications, while photogrammetry and accident reconstruction companies specialize in 3D measurement applications. Cognitech, Inc. is a rare specimen of a company, whose R&D team has a deep understanding of both scientific video processing and 3D photogrammetry. Henceforth, we can offer completely novel software products that synergistically combine the best engineering ideas of both of the above fields combined. ”

About Cognitech, Inc.:

In 1994, Cognitech, Inc. was the first company that designed and developed the unique photogrammetric Measure software for use by forensic video investigators as a part of Cognitech’s Video Investigator tool-set. The recent scientific breakthroughs of Cognitech’s research team, and multiple USPTO Awards, proves that a quarter century later, Cognitech is still the true leader in the forensic image/video processing field. The uniquely comprehensive design of Cognitech’s forensic software combines the state of the art image/video/audio processing with the state of the art 3D photogrammetric analysis, all-in-one, thus making this software environment a tool of choice for Law Enforcement and Security professionals worldwide. By including its new and affordable 3D VMap-Fusion and 3DRAMA software tools, Cognitech makes a serious effort to address the urgent and emerging needs of the accident reconstruction industry.