Cognitech, Inc. was founded in 1988 with current headquarters located in Pasadena, California. Cognitech, Inc. is a foremost developer of real-time image and video processing and analysis software tools, 3D video photogrammetry software, lossless video acquisition cards, and integrated workstation systems for professional use by thousands of professional users in forensics, law enforcement, bio-identification, vehicle identification, intelligent CCTV systems, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, geo-intelligence (GEOINTEL) and in surveillance fields. Cognitech also designs and distributes unique proprietary integrated hardware/software systems with lossless video acquisition for applications that require no loss of imaging information. Cognitech is the only forensic technology company in the world that combines software development expertise in forensic video processing and in forensic 3D video photogrammetry.


Cognitech鈥檚 scientists and engineers have pioneered scientific techniques and software tools for accurate Geo-Spatial analysis of airborne and land based video imagery. Cognitech鈥檚 revolutionary PixL2GPSTM software, used to GPS reference each pixel in a video, has received the highest government and industry recognition and awards.


Cognitech was founded to provide cutting edge image processing and analysis technology for applications in law enforcement, forensics and in bio-medical fields. In 1993, Cognitech played a major role in the trials of the four men charged with the beating of trucker Reginald Denny in the Los Angeles rioting following the verdicts in the Rodney King case. Photographs and videotapes were enhanced and analyzed with Cognitech鈥檚 unique proprietary methods and used by the prosecution to positively identify and convict the criminals. Cognitech鈥檚 image processing algorithms and techniques have been approved for use in the court of law through a variety of important decisions by US and international courts. The California Court of Appeals has accepted Cognitech鈥檚 novel forensic video enhancement techniques into U.S. Courts in an important decision on forensic video, the 1992-1996 Criminal Law and Procedure Citation, 96 Daily Journal DAR. 8023, which is the first such decision in a US Court. In addition to providing the most advanced software and hardware products to law enforcement agencies worldwide, Cognitech operates the state of the art forensic imaging lab, advancing Cognitech鈥檚 software products by working on challenging forensic cases throughout the world.


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