Cognitech featured in A&S International Security Magazine

Cognitech has been featured in the A&S International Security Magazine, in an article discussing the importance of different security systems that retail stores use in order to curtail crime and improve loss prevention.

Excerpt From Article:
For security-focused purposes, forensic software enhances video to resolve and clear images, which can then be used for biometrics measurements and loss prevention. “Our forensic software for video monitoring can clarify identification features by measuring a person’s height, size and shoulder width. It’s true 3-D measurement-based, not just pixel-based,” said Lenny Rudin, CEO of Cognitech. “In case of a breakingand-entering event, the software can help with video enhancement, stabilization and measurements of suspects to better identify a perpetrator.”

The importance of forensic video enhancement software, such as the Cognitech Tri-Suite software,  is mentioned in the article as this software allows retail stores to effectively enhance, stabilize and measure a suspect’s height, size and shoulder width from their in-store videos.