Currently, there are more than 5 million CCTV cameras in the UK, and as costs continue to decline, there will be even more cameras. Every high street has surveillance cameras, and doorbell cameras and home security systems are gradually replacing traditional household items as everyday items. CCTV is a crucial part of a secure workplace.
Because so much of daily life is captured on camera, CCTV footage is crucial as digital forensics evidence in the criminal justice system. However, CCTV video evidence is typically of low quality and needs to be upgraded and studied before it can be used effectively in court. CCTV footage can be used in casework for a variety of legal concerns, including traffic accidents and homicides, due to the ubiquitous deployment of these cameras.

A more realistic portrayal of the events can be achieved by improving the quality of the CCTV camera footage. Modern video forensics techniques can eliminate blur and pixilation to improve clarity and highlight details, making video evidence more persuasive in court. Modern technology is combined with expert analysis to help defence attorneys better understand how discoveries may impact their case.

Advanced CCTV Services We Offer
Cognitech offers a wide range of services for CCTV improvement, including:

  1. Cognitech has state-of-the-art facilities and a group of elite forensic scientists. Every scientific endeavour adheres to the highest standards.

  2. Casework managers oversee the entirety of the defence work and support and simplify the entire procedure.

  3. Barristers and solicitors can better prepare a defence strategy with direct access to our team of scientists because all expert witness reports are scrupulously recorded and peer-reviewed.


Reasons To Select Cognitech For Video Enhancement

  • The market for CCTV equipment is very vast and has many producers. Unfortunately, they don’t produce their equipment with an industry-wide standard output. As a result, it is rarely possible to play back data from one system to another. Another difficulty is presented by multiplex systems, which display footage from numerous cameras on a single screen. This creates a minefield of problems for anyone who wishes to watch the footage that was made when combined with modern technology.

  • We can take care of the aforementioned problems for you, enabling you to watch video from numerous cameras documenting a full day or just a part of an event. When combined with one of our scale plans that displays the locations of all the CCTV cameras, you will have an unmatched understanding of a situation to offer to a jury. Each piece of video will have a time stamp and be forensically sound.We can commonly edit photographs if necessary and provide photographic reproductions of any images.

  • A flexible user interface that enables interactive processing parameter changes and interactive geometry selection is provided to the end user to enhance CCTV footage (Glyphs). The user can execute the integrated plug-ins in highly interactive mode with real-time results using Video Investigator’s Active Interface GUIWith the help of this cutting-edge video processing interface, users can easily and interactively discover the ideal set of video processing parameters. Talk with experts for Forensic Video Processing Software and Forensic Image Processing Software solutions. Contact Cognitech! We hope you enjoyed this Blog! Stay tuned and don’t miss the coming blogs. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, or Youtube: we post Community Blogs regularly, so you won’t miss any!