Getting Started


This tutorial takes about 10 minutes to complete and shows you step by step how to purchase a subscription to My Cognitech Cloud (MC2) with Video Investigator, login to MC2, and the basics of processing with MC2. This includes uploading files, performing a basic video enhancement technique on that file, and then downloading that file back onto your local computer system. Please keep this guide open and refer to it as your go through the steps.

Step 1: Purchase

  • Go to the following page and click Purchase on the product and time duration you would like to purchase (Example: Monthly, Yearly).

  • Near the bottom of the purchase form is a section for credentials. Fill out your email again and provide a password. IMPORTANT: The password will be used to access your account. It can be reset if necessary through a our password reset form. (

  • Fill out credit card or banking information at the bottom of the purchase form. When you are done filling out the form with the correct information, check the box next to "I agree to the Terms of service and Privacy Policy."

  • After a short time you will receive an e-mail from with your automatically generated username. Keep this in your records as you will be required to use this username to log-in with your account.

Step 2: Login

Please click the corresponding tab below if you'd like to connect via Web Browser or Desktop Application. Please note that desktop application requires Windows 10, but offers support for local hard drive files and dual monitor support.

  • Enter your username and click 'Next'
  • Enter your password and click 'Sign in'

  • Choose the Region closest to you. (For this example we will choose Cogni - Cloud [US - Oregon])

  • Click on Video Investigator

  • Please wait for your session to be prepared. This will take ~2 minutes for starting up software for the first time in a session.

  • After your session is prepared you will need to enter your same password (set during purchase) a second time when prompted to sign in with your e-mail account. This is done for security purposes.

  • You are now logged into MC2.

Step 3: Process Data

Please click the corresponding tab below if you'd like to process data using Web Browser or Desktop Application.

  • Click 'My Files' on the top toolbar.

  • Click on 'Temporary Files' folder.

  • On the top left click 'Upload Files' button

  • Choose a file from your local computer, in this example i'm uploading an avi file named 'Mini-Car-a.avi'.



  • When the file has finished uploading you will see it in the temporary files folder and you can click the 'x' button on the top right of the 'My Files' panel.

  • Now in CVI click 'Open File' from the top menu bar.


  • First click 'This PC' (A) then double click the 'Temporary Files' folder (B). Select your uploaded file and click 'Open'


  • Lets apply a simple sharpen filter to the video. Click 'Filters', then 'Deblur', then 'Sharpen' to open the active interface for Sharpen Filter.

  • Now click 'Process'. When the sharpen filter is done applying to all the video frames, you can click 'Finish'.

  • Press the 'Save File' button on the top panel.

  • Click on 'Temporary Files' (A). Choose a name for the file (B) and choose save as type: AVI files (C). Then click 'Save' (D).

  • Leave the next panel default and press OK.


  • Open up 'My Files' again from the top panel and go to the temporary files folder.

  • To download your newly saved file to your local computer, click on the file name (example Mini-Car-a-2.avi). Choose a location on your local computer and click 'Save'.


Step 4: Next Steps

Now that you have completed this tutorial you will have a month from your purchase date to use Video Investigator on MC2. If you want to learn more about Cognitech Video Investigator, we suggest checking out its product page or if you want to learn the basics of CVI, please take a look at our interactive tutorials or videos.

For sales questions regarding MC2 please e-mail

For technical questions pertaining to using MC2 please e-mail