Cognitech Announces the Spanish language Tri-Suite14 software release!

Cognitech Releases Complete Spanish Edition of Forensic Video and 360 Crime Scene Photogrammetry Tri-Suite14 Software and 3-Volume Manual Set in Spanish.


Spanish Language Cogni ComputCloud Training is also announced.


Cognitech, Inc. is thrilled to announce the Release of Spanish Edition of the most current version of Cognitech Forensic Video and 3-D 360 Crime Scene Photogrammetry Tri-Suite14 software with 3-Volume Manuals Set in Spanish Language. The Spanish Edition has the same complete features set, the same functionality and the same GUI as the English language Tri-Suite14 software latest version  (please see Cognitech’s Tri-Suite14 Features List). All Cognitech end-user with the current Annual Support status are eligible to receive this Spanish Version Release free of charge immediately.


In addition, Cognitech will be conducting regular Spanish Language ComputCloud Training Courses in Forensic Video and 3-D 360 Crime Scene Photogrammetry for the End-Users.


Cognitech’s CEO, Dr. Lenny Rudin said, in regards to the Spanish software release, “There are 400 million Spanish Language native speakers in the world. We are excited to release the complete Spanish Edition of world-renown Cognitech Tri-Suite14 software with the accompanying 700 pages, 3 Volume Manual Set in the Spanish language for the Spanish speaking end-user. The Cognitech software end-users can now conduct the entire forensic video investigation that includes image/video processing and 3D analysis in Spanish language, if that is what they want and need” .


Cognitech Forensic Video Tri-Suite 14 software and manuals is currently available in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Spanish Editions. Other languages editions such as Russian and Portuguese are under development and will be made available to the co-current annual support end-users free of charge.