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Part of the Tri-Suite14 software package, VideoActive® is the first Real-Time forensic video processing software. The Cognitech® U.S. Patented software is the world’s only software that has a fully automatic Real-Time Universal De-Multiplexing ability, in addition to Real-Time Track & Cover, Real-Time Universal DVR Capture, Patented Lossless Video Capture with encoding that doubles video storage and a Video Search (e.g. cars and people).

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Modular Interface

1. Cognitech VideoActive’s modular design allows the end-user to choose a pre-defined configuration or user-defined signal processing chain.

2. VideoActive® modules can be easily combined to produce a user-defined processing pipeline from live sources or locally stored files, all in real-time.


Video Capture

3. Analog acquisition can be obtained from any RCA or S-Video source.

4. Real-time lossless analog video acquisition captures frame accurate video from analog sources without any loss of information.

5. Analog video can be acquired at the frame level for progressive video or field level for interlaced video.

6. Digital acquisition can be obtained from any DVI or HDMI source.

7. Real-time lossless digital acquisition captures frame accurate video from digital sources without any loss of information.

8. Analog VGA video sources can also be captured losslessly unlike traditional scan converters.

9. VideoActive® supports both major analog formats, NTSC and PAL up to 10 bit per pixel per color, allowing 1024 levels per color as opposed to the standard 256 levels, i.e. 4 times more levels per color (*).

10. Video can be captured losslessly from a local screen with Screen Capture.

11. Screen Capture can also be obtained from an external source using a DVI or VGA connection.

12. Comprehensive proprietary DVR file format support with screen capture provides a simple lossless capture without the limitation of digital overlay like traditional screen capture software.

13. DV Capture allows for camera DV output acquisition at the highest possible quality.

14. Simultaneous Audio and Video Capture preserves audio from video sources that contain audio.

15. Audio can be played in Video Dominant Mode (optimal audio sync for frame accurate video) or Audio Dominant Mode (optimal video sync for time accurate audio).

lidar crime scene
HDMI forensic video enhancement
Composite WIRES

Processing Modules (Real-time Algorithms) Demultiplexing

16. Real-time demultiplexing (#) converts multiple camera video source streams, such as multiplexed CCTV footage, into individual digital camera channels that can be stored, processed or viewed, individually or together.

17. Automatic demultiplexing (#) intelligently determines how to separate demultiplexed frames into individual camera channels with no human interaction for any number of channels.

18. Manual demultiplexing sorts demultiplexed video according to user-defined key frames allowing for more customized demultiplexing.

19. Demultiplexed video can be further sorted with Cognitech Video Investigator’s Video Scene Integrator tool.

Multi-Channel Fusion (#)

20. Multi-Channel Fusion (#) combines two or more videos from different viewpoints together using perspective correction and fuses information from different cameras together.

21. Multi-Channel Fusion (#) can accurately combine CCTV video with an overhead photomap (*) (e.g. Google Maps, etc.) allowing for video playback with accurate geographic matching.

22. Live video reverse projection photogrammetry (#) makes onsite height measurement of evidence images easy with active playback of live video overlaid on the evidence image.

Camera Calibration & Real-time Lens Correction

23. The automatic Camera Calibration (#) module assists the end-user in calibrating a camera with constant user feedback for use in the Cognitech AutoMeasure software.

24. Real-time Lens Correction (#) removes geometric lens distortion in real-time for an undistorted video capture. Other Processing Modules

25. Digital VCR playback control protocol allows the end-user to control supported VCRs through VideoActive®.

26. Video Conversion allows for lossless conversion of difficult to read files to a usable format.

27. Video Playback allows for detailed video investigation with real-time frame accurate playback or frame by frame analysis.

VA Example Real Time Camera Calibration

*Above items marked with a hashtag (#) indicate unique forensic video capabilities that are proprietary ONLY to Cognitech, Inc. due to issued and pending US and International patents of Cognitech, Inc.

*Above items marked with an asterisk (*) are designated computational design capabilities that are the leading edge of forensic video technology and are not commonly available to other competitors in the field.

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Cognitech’s Video Investigator®¹⁴ software is sold as part of Cognitech’s Tri-Suite software package (which also includes the AutoMeasure software and the VideoActive software)

Cognitech’s Video Investigator®¹⁴ software is also sold as part of the VIVA PRO software package.