What software has video deblurring?

TriSuite64 includes Cognitech Video Investigator, which includes an assortment of deblurring filters. In addition to standard deblurring methods, CVI includes patented Adaptive Deblurring.

How can TriSuite 64 enhance CCTV footage?

While there are many ways that different camera systems and videos can be enhanced by forensic software, the most common methods involve deblurring, denoising, and super resolution. Cognitech Video Investigator 64 includes all of these methods but also patented methods for even better results than can be achieved through basic methods. These include FaceFusion 3D, Frame Fusion, and Adaptive Deblur. You can see more methods in action by checking out our online interactive tutorials located here. Or click here for a full list of software features.

What is TriSuite 64?

TriSuite 64 is a complete suite of forensic multimedia software for video and image enhancement and contains patented methods of deblurring, denoising, and forensic reconstruction that can’t be found in other forensic tools. TriSuite 64 was created by Cognitech, Inc. (founded in 1988) and was the worlds first Video Forensic Software Company to create tools for law enforcement to enhance video footage.