Acquisition Cards

We provide end users the option of purchasing Cognitech Approved Capture Cards for data acquisition using our software. Cognitech is the only forensic video enhancement software company in the world that designs and manufactures proprietary forensic video acquisition hardware solely for forensic use. Comparable forensic capture software uses 3rd party video capturing devices which were originally developed for post production and entertainment purposes.

We currently offer two capture cards:  Universal HD 2 USB3, and Universal HD 2 PCI-E.

Forensic acquisition devices are fully integrated within Cognitech’s forensic video Tri-Suite14 software and VIVA PRO14 software.  The devices do not require any 3rd party hardware. 

Universal HD 2 USB 3

Universal HD 2 USB 3 picture


Universal HD 2 PCI-E

Universal HD 2 PCI-E picture