Mobile Workstations

We provide end users the option of purchasing Turn-Key computer systems for use with our software. Every system is tested and checked at Cognitech by our hardware team for function and compatibility to make sure our software users have the best possible experience with the Cognitech software.

The Mobile DeskTop Replacement 'SuperComputer' has two lines, a High-End line and a Mid-Range line.

Available only for US customers

High-End Mobile Video Workstation
FRR 08-2017

Cognitech Software on Sager Gaming Laptops

*UPDATED August 2017*

Cognitech's powerful high-end Mobile Workstation featuring a true desktop processor: the i7-7700k at 4.2GHz!, Intel Z270 Express Chipset, massive parallel GPU co-processing with up to 2560 CUDA Cores.

Mid-Line Video Workstation
BW 08-2017

Cognitech Mobile Workstation

*UPDATED August 2017*

Cognitech's powerful mid-range mobile 'SuperComputer', featuring the newest Generation Intel processor, Intel HM175 Chipset, parallel GPU/CUDA co-processing