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Q: How do I report any verifiable technical issue with My Cognitech Cloud

A: First confirm that your local internet and computer satisfy the minimal requirements listed here:

Any verifiable MC2 software or login Issues must be reported here:

For user’s problem verification and explanation of the issue, the report must include Microsoft’s Problem Steps Recording (PSR) of your issue. If you need instructions on using Microsoft PSR (Problem Steps Recorder) please download PDF instructions here

Microsoft PSR is a standard MS Windows Accessory that comes within Win OS. See Microsoft page here

Depending on the reported issue, the PSR can be run and its record created on:

  • Local computer
  • MC2 ‘virtual’ computer
  • PSR module on Video Investigator on MC2

If we get the PSR and can verify the reported issue, and the issue needs and has a fix or a work-around, we will respond to you within two business days from your notification ( weekends not counting). Official response e-mails from Cognitech, Inc will be sent from or Please ensure these e-mails are whitelisted and not blocked by your e-mail providers spam filters.

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