Official Press Releases

April 2022, Pasadena, California

Following the 8/2021 successful Release of MyCognitechCloud (MC2), first of its kind for public and forensic video professional use,                                                     Cognitech is announcing the successful release of the MyCognitech GovCloud (US) platform that streams world’s most comprehensive Video Investigation/Processing&Analysis, 360 Crime Scene Video-Photogrammetry and Image Authentication software for Forensic Professionals, exclusive for US Federal, Sate and Local Government organizations, including US Law Enforcement in all fifty States.

Besides obvious advantages of having Cloud-hosted resources, the MyCognitech GovCloud (MC2Gov) has specific benefits to end-users:

  1. 24/7 practically instantaneous access to a running Forensic Video Investigations, Forensic Crime Scene 360 Photogrammetry and Image Authentications software via any PC or MAC common browsers.
  2. Cognitech Cloud computing platform is compliant with the highest security and computing standards available in the USA such as Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) for all 50 States, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), as well as DFARS,ITAR,FEDRAMP, NIST,FIPS, Dept. Commerce, Dept. Treasury, etc.
  3. The US most comprehensive security AWS Gov Cloud compliance, means that MC2Gov can be safely used by any Federal, Sate, Local government organization from any internet enabled location, be it an office or a home office, e.g. during pandemic.
  4. No need for local computer specialized software or video codecs installations, that commonly require specialized powerful hardware architectures and expensive GPU cards.
  5. Always running the freshest software build and the latest available software Upgrade.
  6. Low Annual or even Monthly Subscription cost, a fraction of the traditional forensic video software for a workstation.
  7. MC2Gov facilitates a streaming environment for real-time any-time, anywhere interactive Training and Technical support.

Cognitech CEO, Lenny Rudin (PH.D. CS, Imaging Sciences, CALTECH), has stated that after years in development, our engineers succeeded to provide state-of-the-art Real-Time Internet Streaming Image&Video Computing Software Services for the forensic video investigators exclusively in US Government Federal, State and Local organizations, including US Law Enforcement. The MyCognitech GovCloud (US) platform is compliant with the highest US Government security standards, This streaming Cognitech software is certified with the Information Security Seal of Approval by US Department of Justice, Executive Office for United States Attorneys and its proprietary technology have been awarded 20+ US Patents, the largest US patent portfolio in forensic video filed.