Recover Detail Lost To Defocus Deblur

Restore Detail Lost To Defocus Deblur

Posted by Lenny Rudin May 31, 2017

Defocus blur is constantly present in surveillance videos due to the limited depth of the field of a camera's optical systems. The defocus blur affects the ability to recognize faces and license plates.

Cognitech's Manual Defocus Deblur plug-in provides the end-user with an interface-friendly software tool that removes defocus blur without excessive 'ringing' artifacts. Traditional deblurring methods are associated with restoration errors (artifacts). Cognitech's artifact-suppressing technique removes such errors. Once the proper focus blur parameters are estimated by interactive real-time interface, and provided the image has sufficient resolution size, license plates and faces come into focus.

Here is a link to our Defocus blur interactive tutorial!  Check it out!

Lenny Rudin

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Lenny Rudin