Cognitech Video Investigator®

Enhance. Analyze. Identify.

Denoise and Deblur

Denoise and Deblur video and images from CCTV using many different filters and US Patented techniques including FrameFusion® and Total Variation Denoise.

Enhancement and Visualization

Enhance video and images and view persons & objects hidden from view. Increase visibility in low light video using automatic histogram equalization and color correction. In addition use various data tools to further analyze video and image data.

Use Cases

Recover a Vehicle License Plate From CCTV footage


A vehicle is caught on CCTV footage and you need to see its license plate.


This situation can be handled using Cognitech Video Investigator. Once the video file is imported into CVI, a denoise and/or deblurring filter is applied. The License plate is visible now and it is cropped from the larger CCTV footage and saved as its own image or printed for a physical copy.