Cognitech VIVA Pro Software Package with Video Investigator and VideoActive



software includes the Video Investigator®¹⁴ software and the VideoActive®¹⁴ software.

¹⁴ does NOT include AutoMeasure®¹⁴. If you also want AutoMeasure software please check out our TriSuite¹⁴ product page.

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↓ Whats included with VIVA PRO ↓

Fully Loaded Forensic Video Analysis Software

Video Investigator is the latest major release of the world's first forensic video processing software suite, the ultimate video enhancement, clarification and 3D analysis package. It includes over 100 Real-Time Preview modules that process and analyze analog and digital surveillance video and still images from CCTV cameras, phones and portable devices. Video Investigator® empowers investigators and forensic video analysts to extract the best evidence, computing faster and more intuitively than the competition. It is also the only software technology in the world that is capable of processing any part of any frame with individual parameters.

CVI Icon

Real-Time Capture and Data Processing

VideoActive® software is a Real-Time performance software with a variety of proprietary functional modules -AlgoBlocks- that are assembled and custom connected by the end-user, as needed, to perform the following:
*The US patented Universal Automatic De-Multiplexing
*Losesless Video Acquisition
*Auto-Track and Process
*Adaptive Video Reprojection
*Multi-Channel Fusion
*Live Video reverse projection photogrammetry
*Automatic Camera Calibration
*Real-Time Lens Correction and many more.

VA Icon

Lossless Mobile Video Capture Card

Optional: Video Capture Card

Capture analog NTSC/PAL video from S-Video and Composite/Component sources and digital video using Cognitech's Patented VideoZipper® technology.

*Additional Capture Cards Available*

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Recommended HARDWARE Specifications:

              CPU:  Intel i7 processor or Intel Xeon (2nd, 3rd, or greater generation). 2.5 GHz processors and up       

              RAM: 8 GB or higher of DDR3 or DDR4 Memory

              Hard Drive space for Software Installation: 1 GB

              Hard Drives for Video Capture: 512GB or more Solid State Drive for video capture

              Hard Drives for Windows OS: separate drive for Windows OS (solid state recommended, but at   least 7200 RPM)

              GPU: Desktop: NVIDIA GTX 960 or greater. Laptop: NVIDIA GTX 960m or greater. At least 2 GB of VRAM.

               (CUDA is not strictly necessary however having a CUDA enabled GPU will greatly reduce processing time on Cognitech custom designed CUDA enabled filters).
               NOTE: We do not recommend the use of NVIDIA Quadro line of GPUs due to possible software compatibility issues. If you require extreme CUDA performance,                              Cognitech recommends NVIDIA Tesla line of GPUs.

              Monitor: HD 1920*1080 or higher

              Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

Minimum Required HARDWARE Specifications:

              CPU:  Intel Core i3, or i5, or i7 processor (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or greater generation). 2.0 GHz processors and up           

              RAM: 4 GB or higher of DDR3 or DDR4 Memory

              Hard Drive space for Software Installation: 1 GB

              Hard Drives for Video Capture: At least two 250 GB/7200 RPM Hard Disk Drives in RAID 0

              (Anything slower than 7200 RPM in RAID 0 is not acceptable, as it may cause dropped frames during video capture)

              Hard Drives for Windows OS: separate drive for Windows OS (solid state recommended, but at   least 7200 RPM)

              GPU: Any CUDA enabled graphics card. To see a list of CUDA enabled graphics cards, please visit

              (CUDA is not strictly necessary however having a CUDA enabled GPU will greatly reduce processing time on Cognitech custom designed CUDA enabled filters).

              Monitor: 1280*720 or higher

              Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

  • 1. General
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  • 1. Is Cognitech’s software available in any other languages?

    Yes! Cognitech’s software is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

  • 2. Can a novice PC user attend Cognitech’s Forensic Video Certification Training Course?

    Yes! Cognitech’s Forensic Video Certification Training Course is designed for first time users as well as long time users who may need a refresher.  Contact Cognitech® for more information.

  • 3. Does Cognitech’s software support audio as well as video?

    Cognitech’s software is designed for video and image enhancement and analysis.  The latest Video Investigator® software, part of the Tri-Suite14 software system and the VIVA PRO14 software system, has a new feature that allows audio to be preserved.  The user is able to enhance their video while keeping the original audio track.

  • 4. Do I need to purchase a Cognitech® video capture card if I have a similar type?

    a. The software only works with Cognitech® Video Acquisition cards

    b. With the purchase of Cognitech’s software, a Video Acquisition card is included.

  • 5. Does it matter what type of monitor I use?

    No. You can use any type of monitor. We recommend at least 1920 x 1080 for ease of use with video processing.

  • 6. What is Cognitech’s warranty on its notebooks and hardware parts?

    The warranty is provided by the hardware manufacturers.

  • 7. What is the difference between a compressed and an uncompressed file?

    With compressed files you lose data, and with uncompressed files you don’t lose any data.

  • 8. What is the difference between NTSC and PAL signals?

    NTSC signal is used in the US and PAL signal is used in Europe and Asia.

  • 9. Which connection is better to use for video input, composite or s-video?

    S-Video is recommended, but they both do the job.

  • 10. How accurate is crime scene measurement in TriSuite64?

    Measurement has a margin of error less than 1 inch. Measurement tools can be found in AutoMeasure, Cognitech Video Investigator, and VideoActive.

  • 11. Can we finance the software through Cognitech®?

    No.  However, we do accept credit cards.  Another option is to receive funding through your loan offices.

  • 12. What is a Disk Array and do I need one?

    It is an external set of hard drives that are designed for the capture of uncompressed video streams.

    No. You don’t have to have a disk array, but we do recommend them.

  • 13. Can I play the Video Investigator® (.cff or .cog) files with other software?

    No.  .cff and .cog files are Cognitech’s proprietary file formats and can only be played back with Cognitech’s software.

  • 14. Do I have to be certified to present the outcome of the video in court?

    No.  However, it will be beneficial for you to have the certificate and proper software training.

  • 15. Can I edit my video with your software?

    No. Cognitech’s software is used for video enhancement only and not for post production purposes.

  • 16. How often do you release new updates?

    We have two update categories, minor and major.  Minor updates are released once or twice a year, while major updates depend on when new ideas and tools can be released.

  • 17. Will your company testify as an expert witness in court?

    Yes. Please contact Cognitech for further details.

  • 18. If you release a new update, is the old version still supported?

    Yes.  The older version will be supported.  However, we do not support software versions that are older than 3 years from the current version.  Please contact Cognitech for more information.

  • 19. Can Disk Array work on your Notebook?

    Yes. It depends on the make of the Disk Array that you use.

  • 20. Can Cognitech’s software capture video from Fire Wire 1394 devices?

    Yes.  Cognitech’s VideoActive® software can capture video from fire wire devices.

  • 21. Does it matter what kind of VCR I use for video output?

    We strongly recommend that you use professional equipment instead of commercial equipment.

  • 22. Can the speed be controlled on the video with Cognitech’s software?

    Yes. You have full control of the speed and the frames.

  • 23. Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

    Yes. You can find them listed in the help menu.

  • 24. Can I re-size the screen in Video Investigator®?

    Yes. You are able to re-size the screen.

  • 25. Can I have multiple videos open in Video Investigator® at the same time?

    Yes. You can have as many video files and still images open as you want.

  • 26. Can I print still images from Video Investigator®?

    Yes. Cognitech’s Video Investigator® software allows you to print.

  • 27. How can TriSuite 64 enhance CCTV footage?

    While there are many ways that different camera systems and videos can be enhanced by forensic software, the most common methods involve deblurring, denoising, and super resolution. Cognitech Video Investigator 64 includes all of these methods but also patented methods for even better results than can be achieved through basic methods. These include FaceFusion 3D, Frame Fusion, and Adaptive Deblur. You can see more methods in action by checking out our online interactive tutorials located here. Or click here for a full list of software features.

  • 28. How do I authenticate video or images?

    TriSuite 64 does not include image or video authentication. Instead you will need to purchase our other product, FiA 64.

  • 29. What software has video deblurring?

    TriSuite64 includes Cognitech Video Investigator, which includes an assortment of deblurring filters. In addition to standard deblurring methods, CVI includes patented Adaptive Deblurring.