What Is It And How Does It Work?

What Is It And How Does It Work?

CCTV video enhancement software is essential in forensic science for a lot of reasons. CCTV footage enhancement is a scientific process of investigating recorded video footage, making sure its quality and clarity are top-notch and useful for courtroom use. Since courtrooms only work with high-quality evidence, the biggest challenge of using a CCTV video enhancer is the ability to achieve the highest-quality videos without compromising the integrity of the recorded footage.

For you to get the best result out of your CCTV video enhancement software, you need to understand a few factors:

  • What exactly defines the highest quality of recorded video footage?
  • What are the common issues of CCTV video footage?
  • How to choose the best techniques to perform video enhancement?

You’ll discover everything you need to know about these CCTV video enhancement software‘s questions as you read further.

Quality standards for CCTV footage

Today, digital video evidence can be sourced from different devices. The most common sources are CCTVs, webcams, body cams, mobile phones, digital cameras, dashcams, and camcorders. All these devices have their issues and strengths and weaknesses. They can deliver low-quality video recordings, depending on many factors, including lighting and the environment.

Low quality is one of the many issues that come with digital forensics evidence. If you’re currently experiencing this issue, you need to understand that frame rates, compression rates, and spatial resolution are the three major factors that cause this problem. Yes, you’ll most certainly encounter low-quality video footage issues when the frame rate, resolution, and compression rates aren’t enough.

Other issues

Apart from low quality, many other issues can render your CCTV video footage useless for courtroom use. The issues include blurriness, missing video files, wrong video format, corrupt files, and many more. Once you encounter any of these issues, the only thing you need is to find the best CCTV video enhancement software to enhance the video recording without compromising its integrity.


How does CCTV video enhancement software help?

The next question is – how exactly can the best CCTV video enhancement software, such as Cognitech Video Investigator, help to address the issues mentioned above?

1.   Sharpening

One of the most common techniques used by the best video enhancement software is “sharpening.” The purpose of this technique is to help you sharpen the video recording, making it a lot less blurry. With a less blurry video recording, you’ll be able to see and identify a lot of information on the video evidence, which can assist in resolving the case pretty quickly.

Cognitech Video Investigator 64 features an Adaptive Deblur filter (ADF), which comes with an Interactive Blind Deconvolution. These offerings will assist you in deblurring your video or images even if you don’t know how to go about the blurring process.

2.   Denoising

Noise reduction is another important part of video enhancement. With the right video enhancer, this certainly isn’t a problem. Cognitech Video Investigator features complex algorithms that you (the investigator) can use to fine-tune your video file to remove unnecessary noises and get the best out of your recording.

The “FrameFusion denoise filter” is one of the features that this software will offer you. With Cognitech’s patented algorithm, this method will help you Denoise your video recordings,

3.   Histogram equalization & tone mapping

Histogram equalization is an effective video enhancement technique for modifying the contrast of your CCTV footage. You certainly need this option if the CCTV footage was captured in low-light conditions.

Tone mapping, on the other hand, is an effective technique for brightening the content of the video recording. With this approach, you’ll be able to see what happened clearly and acquire relevant information to aid your investigation.

Cognitech Video Investigator comes with tons of features and filters which we can’t mention here. You can learn more about these CCTV video enhancer features and filters.