What Is The Best Forensic Image Enhancement Software?

What Is The Best Forensic Image Enhancement Software?

Today, image authentication and enhancement are two essential parts of every forensic video
analysis. While the application of image enhancement and interpolation to video evidence is not
a new concept today, you need to understand that this approach offers a lot of benefits to
What is forensic video analysis? How does image interpolation work in forensic video analysis?
Is image enhancement a good video forensics tool? Read on to find answers to these
commonly asked questions (CAQs).forensic image enhancement

What is forensic video analysis?

According to forensic experts, video analysis is the scientific examination and evaluation of
videos for legal purposes. Today, digital video recordings have their issues. Sometimes, they
aren’t always ideal as accurate eyewitnesses. The recordings may not be completely clear and
useful as forensic evidence. Here’s where the need to use different video forensic tools, image
enhancement software, and video enhancers comes into play.
So, what exactly is forensic image enhancement?
In simple terms, image enhancement in forensics is a scientific process of improving the visual
quality of a video or image evidence. These enhanced images are effective for resolving various
issues in the courtroom.
Today, the best forensic image enhancement software tools are effective for enhancing
images from different sources. Some of these sources include:
● CCTV video frames
● Bodycam video frames
● Smartphone camera images or video recordings
● Social Media posts
● Digital camera images

Why should you invest in the best image enhancement software?

As earlier mentioned, extracted images can always come from different image and video
sources. Unfortunately, this video evidence often comes with one or more issues, such as the
ones below:
● Low video or image quality
This is by far the most common issue that investigators often face with video or image evidence.
Low quality (or blurring) is inevitable if images or videos come from smartphones or social
media. The good news is that low-quality images and videos can always be enhanced with the
right software for the best results. Here’s where the need to have good video or image
enhancement software, such as Cognitech Video Investigator 64 comes into play.
● Video format issues
Proprietary video format issues can surface as a result of many factors. First, you might
encounter a “loss of file originality” issue. That aside, the video evidence can also come with a
loss of metadata issue. In this case, you can always count on Cognitech Video Investigator to
resolve this issue and provide you with the best video results.forensic image enhancement
 Over or Under-exposure images
In forensic science, overexposure or under-exposure images come with different issues. In most
cases, underexposed images often come with the loss of detail in the shadows. As for
overexposed photographs, they tend to lose relevant data in the highlighted areas. To address
these issues, you need to opt for the best video and image enhancement software, such as
Video Investigator 64.

What is special about Cognitech Video Investigator 64?

There are tons of reasons why Cognitech Video Investigator 64 is the best forensic image &
video enhancement software. This product comes with a host of amazing features, such as
active interface GUI, frame-adaptive video processing, and advanced video playback. All these
features and many more are essential to achieve the best video results. You can learn more
about how Cognitech Video Investigator can help you improve your video and image evidence.