Cognitech, Inc. Announces Receipt USPTO Award of Patent for Real-Time Lossless Video Data Compression and Compact Storage

Cognitech, Inc. Announces Receipt USPTO Award of Patent for Real-Time Lossless Video Data Compression and Compact Storage


Pasadena, CA — April 30, 2012—Cognitech, Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in April 2012, for the invention of the “Lossless Video Data Compressor with a Very High Data Rate” technology. Cognitech’s VideoZipper® line of forensic super-resolution video acquisition and exact compact storage products is based on this and Cognitech’s prior intellectual property portfolio, hence denying this unique capability to any possible competitors and emulators.


The “Lossless Video Data Compressor with a Very High Data Rate” is Cognitech’s proprietary method and software/firmware/hardware system to capture/acquire and store any video signal in a highly compacted form, doubling or more the effective video storage capacity, while keeping and preserving every information bit in the original video signal. Acquisition and compact storage of the highest quality video from any source is vital in forensic and medical fields, and it is very useful in other video related applications. The H.264 is the most commonly used standard in video transmission, recording and distribution in security/surveillance and broadcast industries, which provide for a lossless protocol mode, which would necessarily use a method described in this patented Cognitech invention. Hence, users of H.264 potentially utilize Cognitech’s proprietary technology. Many other lossless codecs also appear to utilize Cognitech’s patented technology.


The users of Cognitech’s forensic video systems will immediately benefit from this and related Cognitech inventions through the use of Cognitech’s VideoZipper® software, a standard component of Cognitech’s Forensic Video Tri-Suite software. Cognitech’s unique technology benefits are threefold: First, due to the High-Data Rate capability (i.e. real-time), very high-resolution video (HD and above) is captured with no frames loss even when squeezed through conventional USB2 and even higher resolution signal through newer USB3 ports, thus allowing the use of conventional laptops in lossless forensic HD video acquisition. Traditionally, this was accomplished through the use of PCIe based hardware, and massive RAID HDD’s not available on laptops. Second, end-users will capture exact original video signal, yet video storage capacity is more than doubled with no additional hardware expense. Thirdly, Cognitech provides a plug-in to the conventional Windows Media Player, which enables this player to display the lossless highly compacted video, thus providing the highest resolution viewing for investigators and judicial system during court presentations, with no need for additional software expenses. Other competing systems can only distribute highly compressed video evidence.


Cognitech, Inc. CEO Dr. Lenny Rudin said, in regards to the U.S. Patent, “The field of lossless video compression is highly competitive and very few such patents get awarded by the US Patent Office. We are proud to stand alone and ahead of all of the competition in the forensic and video surveillance field with our uniquely useful invention of precise capturing and highly compact storing very high resolution video content.


About Cognitech, Inc.:


In 1988, Cognitech, Inc. was the first company that designed and developed the unique Video Investigator® hardware and software products for professional forensic CCTV video applications. The recent scientific breakthroughs of Cognitech’s research team, and multiple USPTO Awards, such as the implementation of VideoZipper®, proves that twenty four years later, Cognitech is still the true leader in the forensic image/video processing field. The unique comprehensive design of Cognitech’s forensic software combines the state of the art image/video processing and compact storage with the state of the art 3D image analysis, thus making this software a tool of choice for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies in US and worldwide.