Login Instructions

  1. Click the blue WEB LOGIN button.
  2. Enter your generated Username. (This will have been sent to you via e-mail).
  3. Enter your password. (This was set during your purchase). Click here if you need to reset your password or forgot your password.
  4. Click on a CogniCloud region (Ex: USA - Oregon).
  5. Click on the application you wish to start with. Wait for your session to be prepared. This usually takes 1-2 minutes.
  6. After your session is prepared you will need to enter your password again when prompted.
  7. Once the original software has started you can use it or switch to any other software that you have access privilege's to without any wait time.

This web application requires an active subscription to My Cognitech Cloud to use. Please use the purchase button if you do not currently have an active subscription.

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