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 (based on the Cognitech proprietary breakthrough technology of Simultaneous True-On-the-Cloud Forensic Video Computing and Live Instruction.)

Cognitech will hold the Computational Cloud Training (CCT) Course in the Forensic Video Processing field TBA. The participants will include Cognitech’s forensic video Video Investigator & VideoActive (VIVA PRO) software end-users from national and international law enforcement.

*The 2 day Cognitech AutoMeasure 3D 360 Crime Scene Photogrammetry Computational Online Cloud Certification Training Course will be held as a separate training course at a later date with a  separate charge*

There are many forensic companies that claim to have “Cloud Training” or “Cloud software”, but if examined closely, all of these services turn out to be just a common teleconferencing/webinar combined with utilizing the end-user’s local computer platform to perform the needed computations. In practice, this means that each trainee needs to have an entire forensic video software system be installed on their local workstation, prior to Training, assuming the workstation satisfies the optimal computing configuration for the very computationally demanding forensic video applications. Since the number of trainees at each Police Department most likely exceeds the number of purchased software licenses and the number of available minimal specification workstations, the trainees are forced to share the training computers, which also may fail to function properly right in the middle of Training, thus requiring local IT staff’s real-time assistance. Also, under this scenario, the trainees are forced to receive Training from their departmental licensed installation locations, which may overwhelm the bandwidth load on the local area network if there is more than one participant. Moreover, the trainees are forced to do their computing homework assignments at staggered schedules, as they share computing resources, etc.

The true Computational Cloud Training has none of the above logistical limitations and technical hindrances.

The Training is received on any ‘computer terminal’ that has internet connection with a nowadays reasonable minimal bandwidth
specification of 1Mb-Up and 5 Mb-Down to transmit the real-time video streams of raw and processed data. Cognitech also has a
process and technology in place to determine the adequacy of the end-users local area network bandwidth prior to training.

The Cognitech Computation and Cloud Training System is comprised of 4 major custom integrated components:
1) Cognitech Meeting for real-time streaming of the training session to the students.
2) Cognitech Broadcasting & Replay allowing student Instant Replay and Rewind to review the live training details in real-time as the lecture is delivered.
3) CogniCompuTCloud: 24/7 for the entire duration of the Training, computational streaming interface with the Cloud Video Computing Engine delivering Cognitech’s fully-functioning Forensic Video Video Investigator & VideoActive (VIVA PRO) software over the internet allowing powerful computation of data to end-users without having expensive powerful workstations or requiring a local installation of the Video Investigator & VideoActive (VIVA PRO14) software.
4) CogniDataCloud, the real-time encoded and secure fast access image/video data depository that communicates seamlessly with Cognitech’s Forensic Video Video Investigator & VideoActive (VIVA PRO) computational modules sitting on CogniCompuTCloud.

The 4-prong Cognitech Computation and Cloud Training System is a fully interactive training environment where each student can communicate with the instructor (s) and vice versa not just via Chat Box or Audio/Video Conferencing, but more significantly via the sharing of their computational streams and work-flow in real-time. “The image is worth a thousand words”, which is what stu-dents and multiple Cognitech instructors interact through the training in innovative ways that CogniDataCloud provides.

A major financial benefit of the Cognitech Computational Cloud Training is that each student will save thousands of dollars which are spent on flight tickets, hotel accommodations, restaurants, etc., as well as saving a number of work days due to travel and travel
fatigue. The above described advantages of Cognitech Computational Cloud Training are very clear as compared to other traditional ‘brick & mortar’ training courses which may be a thing of the past as the true computational power of Cloud is unleashed as in the case of the innovations like CogniCompuTCloud.

Space is limited! Please contact us for more information and a quotation for pricing.

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