Cognitech Video Investigator

Cognitech video investigator is a cloud-based video investigation tool that helps you quickly and easily identify and track the sources of online video complaints.


It enables you to collect, analyze, and share video evidence with your team in a simple, user-friendly interface. This way, you can quickly identify and resolve any issues people report online. Additionally, it can help you monitor your brand reputation online to stay ahead of the competition.

video enhancement software

It is an excellent tool for brands wanting to increase their online visibility and credibility. It’s also a perfect way to prevent unfavorable publicity from spreading fast and reaching broad audiences.


How does it work?


Cognitech Video Investigator is a video enhancement software that uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of CCTV footage. It does this by analyzing the footage and identifying any abnormalities or issues that need to be addressed.


Once the software has identified these problems, it will then use its various features to correct them. This process can be highly effective in improving the overall quality of the footage, making it easier for law enforcement officials to identify and prosecute criminals.


In addition, it can also be used to enhance images captured on camera. This is done by automatically detecting and correcting any errors or distortions that may have occurred during capture. This can make photos and videos look sharper and more accurate, making them easier to understand and analyze.


Some of the main features include:


  1. Advanced image stabilization technology: This allows you to reduce the jittery movement caused by shaky hands or camera movements. This makes Videos smoother and more fluid, which makes them look better and easier to watch.
  2. Expandable text: You can add supplementary text or subtitles to any part of your video, which makes it easy for people with hearing disabilities to understand what’s being said.
  3. Text enhancement: This allows you to make your texts more legible and accurate so that they’re easier to read.
  4. Adjustable brightness and contrast: You can adjust the brightness and contrast levels for each video frame, making it easier to see even though the footage is dark or light.


Problems face in Forensic Video Investigation e.g., Ring and Arlo


Forensic video investigation is a necessary process that is used to solve crimes. It involves analyzing footage from security cameras or surveillance recordings to identify and investigate the perpetrators.


One of the biggest challenges that forensic video investigators face is the presence of false alarms. This occurs when footage from a security camera shows someone committing a crime, but in reality, they were simply doing something that looked like a crime. False alarms can seriously disrupt investigations and waste valuable time and resources.

video enhancement software

Another problem that forensic video investigators face is the accuracy of their video analysis. The technology used to analyze footage has become more sophisticated over time, but it’s still not perfect. This means that technical flaws will sometimes overlook or misinterpret critical evidence.


To combat these challenges, Cognitech has developed its Video Investigator product. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze videos automatically and detect abnormalities. This provides investigators with consistent results and reduces the chances of false alarms or incorrect conclusions leading to wasted time and resources.


Benefits of having Cognitech Video Investigator


Cognitech Video Investigator is a video surveillance software that allows you to detect and track any changes or abnormalities in your footage. This makes it an ideal tool for detecting and preventing crime, vandalism, and other illegal activities.


Another benefit of using Cognitech Video Investigator is that it can help you keep track of your employees’ movements. This is especially important if you have a business with a high turnover rate, as it will make it much easier to identify who has been stealing from you and where they are now.


In addition, this software can also be used to monitor your property in case of theft or burglary. By continuously monitoring the footage from all your cameras, you will be able to catch the thief red-handed!


Overall, it is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes who want to protect their property and safeguard their rights.