Everything You Need To Know About Photogrammetry In Forensics

This blog focuses on how to choose the best photogrammetry software for forensic purposes.
Today, many factors, such as reckless driving, distraction, and overspeeding, can cause road
accidents. When road accidents happen, relevant authorities need to close down the road for
some hours to investigate the accident scene and acquire data, which the police and insurance
agencies can use.best photogrammetry software
In the past, the authorities only make use of two approaches to investigate various accident
● First, they make use of a laser scanner to capture every relevant detail of the accident
scene. Although 3D laser scanners are highly effective, they are very expensive. As
such, only a limited number of these scanners are available for investigators to use.
● Second, authorities often use the traditional method, which involves hand-sketching and
taking hundreds of pictures. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t provide enough
information to resolve accident scene issues.
Today, top forensics companies, such as Cognitech, have now come up with an effective, less
expensive, and easy way to handle accident scene issues. This approach requires the use of
the best photogrammetry software.
What is photogrammetry in forensics? How exactly can the best photogrammetry software help
to improve your investigation? Read on to find answers to these commonly asked questions.

What is photogrammetry in the forensics industry?

Photogrammetry is a process of taking measurements from different overlapping images of an
accident scene. This process primarily focuses on analyzing the surface points of a particular
After the successful acquisition of relevant measurements, the best photogrammetry software
will allow you to stitch these images together as both 3D and 2D images.
Unlike in the last, the use of photogrammetry in forensics is wide today. For instance, a forensic
reconstruction setting only requires the use of close-range photogrammetry. This approach
allows investigators to acquire measurements from accident scene evidence, such as aerial

Benefits of using the best photogrammetry software in forensics

1. Accurate measurements

Photogrammetry offers forensic experts with tons of benefits. One good thing about this
scientific approach is that it helps to produce accurate photographic records of the accident
scene as you take the photos through aerial photography. With the best photogrammetry
software and tools, the images taken will be a pictorial, accurate, and measured record, which
you can always rely on irrespective of the project you’re executing.

2. Hard-to-access locations

Some accident scenes are usually very difficult to access. To access these locations, you can
always rely on the best photogrammetry software and tools. In cases where fieldwork may be
dangerous for you and your crew, the photogrammetry approach is all you need to get relevant
information about the accident scene.

3. Less traffic

As earlier mentioned, the first thing that local authorities often do after every accident is to close
down the road. This move often leads to unnecessary traffic. With the best photogrammetry
software and practices, there’s no need to review accident scenes from the actual field. The
analysis mostly focuses on acquiring elevation data along with road features; interestingly, you
can get this information with relevant software directly from anywhere.

Why should you consider cognitech AutoMeasure64?

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