Extending General and Forensic Photogrammetry to Pixel-GPS-Referencing

Extending General and  Forensic Photogrammetry to Pixel-GPS-Referencing

Posted by Lenny Rudin October 25th, 2019

Cognitech is a field-founding pioneer and a current leader in forensic applications of Image Science technology for 31 years. The Cognitech team of Ph.D. scientists and specialized software engineers a foremost developer of real-time Forensic Video Processing Software and Forensic Image Processing Software.

Cognitech was founded in 1988 and headquartered in Pasadena, California. Cognitech has a wide range of US Patented applications ( 23 US Patents Awarded and many more are pending with the US Patent Office) that are used by professionals in law enforcement, public safety, and CCTV :- Image and Video enhancement via scientific blur/deblur analysis and reconstruction, License Plates Super-resolution via FaceFusionTM, Human Face Super-resolution in low resolution surveillance video via FaceFusionTM, Accurate Image & video-based Measurements of humans, vehicles,  360o crime scene objects through proprietary Camera & Scene Calibration technology and 3D-VideoFusion technology (the US Patented), image-based geo-referencing by Pixl2GPSTM, and most recently, industry most comprehensive Image Authentication tool-set.

Cognitech is one of the top organizations globally, which combines algorithms and software development expertise in Forensic 360o Photogrammetry and Forensic Video Processing & Analysis Solutions.

Since 1994 Cognitech was the first company ever to offer Forensic Video Certification and Training programs. Among the first Cognitech Trainees were UK Scotland Yard and US FBI among other world’s premier agencies.

Cognitech, Inc scientific team has developed a ground-breaking technology that leap-frogs from well-known GPS geo-tagging of photographs and video-frames to GPS geo-tagging each image pixel. The Cognitech’s Pixl2GPSTM technology was awarded several US Patents for each major component of this invention. One of these US Patents, by L. Rudin et al. co-authors, is - SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING GEO-LOCATION(S) IN IMAGES(#US 8934008).

The main claim of this Cognitech’s US Patent is a computational system to accurately determine GPS of each point in an image through the process of multi-lateration, the same mathematical principle that is used by a GPS receiver to obtain its location from GPS satellites. It allows the user to click on a pixel and receive its GPS coordinates.

Below is the abstract of the patent-

Determining GPS coordinates of some image point(s) positions in at least two images using a processor configured by program instructions. Receiving position information of some of the positions where an image capture device captured an image. Determining geometry by triangulating various registration objects in the images. Determining GPS coordinates of the image point(s) positions in at least one of the images. Saving GPS coordinates to memory. This system and method may be used to determine GPS coordinates of objects in an image.

Read more- https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/15/84/e4/1904877e0e3b18/US8934008.pdf

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