Top 5 Image & Video Forensics Tools For Investigators

Top 5 Image & Video Forensics Tools For Investigators

If you’ve ever watched action and thriller movies, then you must have seen how image and video forensics tools and software work. But do these tools work in real life? The answer is yes; image and video forensics tools are effective for investigators to understand what happened during an unwanted incident. These tools are effective for acquiring useful forensic evidence for court cases.

Cognitech is one of the few most reliable companies that offer some of the best image and video forensics tools and software. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover the top 5 best Cognitech tools that you can opt for, to improve your investigation projects.

1. Image authentication tool

In forensics, evidence or digital images can’t always be trusted because of two major factors; digital integrity and image quality.

Image evidence can be acquired from different sources, including CCTV, Smartphones, Body Cameras, Tazer Cameras, Dash-Cam, and many more. The only problem is that some of these sources only produce low-quality images. Unfortunately, images with low quality are useless in the courtroom, as they are not reliable. That aside, there are also many image manipulation tools out there. With these tools, it’s not very easy to tamper with image evidence, manipulating it to cover an incident.

As an investigator, it’s your job to use the right image authentication tool to confirm digital evidence and be sure it’s authentic. With Cognitech, what you need in this situation is FiA 64, a top-notch forensic image authentication software designed to identify doctored images. This software is available on Cognitech’s MC2 Security Cloud. With MC2, you’ll gain access to the FiA 64 without the need to install, maintain, or hire an expert.

2. Image & Video enhancement software

Video and image enhancement software tools are essential in forensics to enhance the quality of your evidence. With the right tool, such as Cognitech Video Investigator 64, you’ll gain access to hundreds of filters and other amazing features. These offerings are essential for converting and processing your image and video evidence. That’s not all; with the Video Investigator’s filters, you’ll also be able to enhance, analyze and document your digital evidence the right way.

3. Forensic Video Analysis Software

Like other image and video forensics tools on this list, video analysis software tools are also essential for investigators. Image analysis is a scientific technique that involves processing image evidence into different fundamental components. This simple but tricky process will help you to extract relevant information, which will help you to resolve your cases quickly.

One of the best Cognitech video analysis software that you can opt for is TriSuite64. This product comes with tons of amazing features, including the ones you’ll never find on competitors’ software. You can learn more about how this video forensics tool can help you during your investigations.

4. Best Photogrammetry software

The best photogrammetry software tools are essential for investigators to carry out various forensics analyses. With this software, you can always acquire a perfect 3D reconstruction of a crime scene. It’ll help you get relevant information about the distance, exact location, and perspective of the accident scene.

With Cognitech, all you need is AutoMeasure64, which is currently the best photogrammetry software out there today. This product is effective for achieving an accurate bio-metric measurement of the height of a suspect, and other dimensions.

5. Crime scene reconstruction software

The primary function of crime scene reconstruction software is that it helps investigators to create a 3D model of the original crime scene. In most cases, this move is essential to help you determine the activities that caused the crime.

You can learn more about how Cognitech’s crime scene reconstruction software can help you resolve your assigned cases.