How Do I upload my files to the cloud? (Web)

To upload and download files between your local computer and the MC2 Temporary folder

  1. In the top left of the AppStream 2.0 toolbar, choose the My Files icon.
  2. Navigate to the Temporary Files folder.
    • To upload a file to the folder, select the file that you want to upload, and choose Upload.
    • To download a file from the folder, select the file that you want to download, choose the down arrow to the right of the file name, and choose Download.

Subscription Terms and Cancellation Policy

Subscription Terms
Your subscription begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. Your subscription ends at the end of the subscription term you selected and paid for.

We may change future plan’s rate at any time.

If your primary payment method fails we will not validate your new or renewed or changed subscription.

Cancellation Terms
You cannot cancel and get refund for your active prepaid One Day, One Week or One Month paid for subscription. Your above payment is non-refundable, and your service will continue until the end of paid subscription period. All these sales are final. If you do not agree with that, stop the subscription process prior to authorizing the payment.

For cancellation request of the Annual subscription, you must contact within the 30 days period from the original purchase of the Annual subscription. If you cancel your Annual subscription within one month (30 days) of your initial order, you’ll be refunded minus the One Month subscription fees rate and minus $130 Processing Fees. The refund will be processed after One Month expiration since the original payment. Should you try to cancel after 30 days, your payment is non-refundable, and your service will continue until the end of that Annual subscription term.


Updated September 8, 2021

Q: When my subscription expires, is my card automatically charged to renew the subscription?

A: No. Unlike other subscription services, My Cognitech Cloud does not automatically charge your card to extend the subscription. You can renew your software access at anytime after your subscription expires. Once your prior subscription has expired, you can change the length of your next subscription.

Q: What length subscription should I choose initially?:

A: We recommend that new users choose the shortest subscription term in order familiarize themselves with the software and to aligns their needs.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: No. My Cognitech Cloud utilizes high-end cloud technology and infrastructure to deliver steady outstanding performance and data speeds. These capabilities come at a cost to Cognitech but gives us the ability to provide a top tier experience. For this reason we offer paid short term access via One Day and One Week access for those who need to check if the software will need their needs.

Q: Who should use MC2?

A: We recommend that only people familiar with image/video processing and analysis field and with some prior professional training should use Cognitech MC2 software tools. Cognitech website does facilitate the learning of the software interface through our interactive tutorials. The complete on-line software Manual is also available to subscribed users.
Having said that, we make effort to provide end-users with excellent professional intended, on-line manuals that should be used in conjunction with the end-user’s required prior professional training.
Using Cognitech MC2 software tools will help to improve the end-users prior professional knowledge in the field these tools are for, but it is not intended to replace the prior basic training experience. Using Cognitech Tech Support for training purposes is not supported by Cognitech Technical Support.

Q: Can Cognitech software on MC2 enhance any license plate in any surveillance video?

A: Yes for qualified data*. Cognitech Software utilizes the best and latest proprietary algorithms and methods for forensic video and image enhancement. Cognitech has the largest US Patents portfolio in the forensic video field.

*Even the best and latest technology has limitations that depend on the video data quality such as resolution, compression level, etc. Therefore, some video processing will yield good results while not even the best modern forensic science can guarantee success for ALL data.

Q: Can I store my files in MC2 between uses?

A: Cognitech strives to provide maximum security for the end-user’s image/video data. Therefore MC2 does not offer permanent or persistent online storage for your files. All files uploaded to MC2 for processing work are stored in a temporary storage that is deleted upon log off. Therefore, the end-user should transfer their data back to their local system or their third-party connected web-drive.

Touchscreen Devices

My Cognitech Cloud (MC2) supports gestures on touch-enabled iPads, Android tablets, and Windows devices. Examples of supported touch gestures include long-tap to right-click, swipe to scroll, pinch to zoom, and two-finger rotation for supporting applications.

To display the on-screen keyboard on an iPad or Android tablet, tap the keyboard icon on the MC2 toolbar. The keyboard icon turns blue, and you can use the on-screen keyboard to input text in the streaming application. Tap the keyboard icon again to hide the on-screen keyboard.

Tap the Fn icon to display a row of Windows-specific keys and keyboard shortcuts.

For touch-enabled devices, the remote keyboard, which is displayed when you tap the keyboard icon on the MC2 toolbar, is different than the local keyboard, the on-screen keyboard that a touch-enabled device automatically displays when you tap inside an input control in a locally running application. During MC2 streaming sessions, you can use the remote keyboard to input text into streaming applications only. You can display or hide the remote keyboard only by tapping the keyboard icon on the MC2 toolbar. A blue keyboard icon on the MC2 toolbar indicates that the remote keyboard is active.

You can use the local keyboard to input text into elements of the MC2 web portal, including the My Files dialog box. However, you can’t use this keyboard to input text into streaming applications. Also, you can’t display or hide it by using the keyboard icon on the MC2 toolbar.

Requirements (Web Browser)

You can connect to My Cognitech Cloud (MC2) from any location by using an HTML5-capable web browser. Supported browsers include the following:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or later


No browser extensions or plugins are required to use MC2 in a web browser.